Nodefy V0.1 - Large sensor and microcontroller breakouts 

Nodefy V0.2 - Optimize for size, verify MEMS microphone and
photo-resistor functionality

Nodefy V1.0 - Custom PCB with all components of V0.2


Nodefy is an award winning alarm sensor that triggers a user's phone or smartwatch when an alarm beeps or an LED changes state.  It is dirt cheap, the size of a key fob, with a battery that lasts several months.

Many able bodied people interact with the world at large with little thought to smoke alarms, microwave 'dings', or blinking lights. The hard of hearing and those with limited visual acuity are at a disadvantage sensing these cues.

Nodefy  allows them to bridge that gap, and perform tasks as easily as possible.  Prototyping continues to make it more durable, lower cost, and better able to meet the needs of users.

Prototype History

Nodefy V0.1 began with a breadboard proof of concept.  Breakout boards were used for both sensors and the microcontroller, and initial programming was performed in Arduino.

V0.2 was developed to minimize future PCB footprint, and prioritize for low power sensors.

V1.0 is the first on a a custom PCB, and allowed for the beginning of use case trade studies and destructive durability testing.

V1.1 Will remove superfluous capabilities from the breakout board schematics, to further simplify functionality and minimize size. 

Business Plan

Current market solutions are large, expensive, and product specific. There is no multi use solution for sale today.  Our business model aims to minimize risk, grow slowly, and provide stable employment with equity.

Prototype development will continue through the first half of 2024.  During low rate initial production (LRIP), the founders will produce units.  As demand scales, output will scale to match with qualified graduates of a class covering soldering, programming, debugging, and troubleshooting techniques.

This is a very simple fix that can do a lot of good for a lot of people, both our citizens with our disabilities and the disenfranchised within our community