About Us

Matt Guenette

Matt Guenette is an electrical engineer by trade, who grew up wanting to be a mad scientist.  He specializes in wireless hardware security, and electronics ruggedization against some of the most abusive users on the planet.  BS in EE from Purdue, MS in SE from Johns Hopkins.   

Adrian Choy

Adrian Choy is a mechatronics wiz who has traveled the world running the wildly successful "Robot Revolution" museum exhibit, and the underground hit "Robot Riot" bar robot fighting league.  He provides Flash Design with software expertise, mechanical expertise, and community outreach. 

Sam Guenette

Samuel Guenette is a software engineer by trade, who created his first successful startup in high school. He is a full stack developer specializing in enterprise web software and machine learning solutions for large scaling companies. BS in SE at Iowa State University

Flash Consulting Values

The Engineering Savior Trap:  If none of our consultants personally face the problem we are trying to solve, we will not make assumptions about what they are.  It's important to reach out to those populations to better meet their needs.  The solution to homelessness is not better tents.


Finance:  At a minimum, a new business that hires employees must pay them a living wage for the city they are operating in, wages that scale with output, and equity in the company they work for.  All wealth is the product of labor.