Enterprise 2023

Nodefy wins Silver Squirrel

Open Works runs EnterpRISE 2023, an annual business competition for manufacturing startups.  Businesses apply, and the top 10 will receive:

Flash Consulting is a small firm, with limited availability, but that's quite a bit of value for a 30 minute application.  Lo and behold, we entered with the Nodefy beep sensor, and made the final cut!

2nd Update:

EnterpRISE has provided multiple benefits that we are forever thankful for.  They provided validation to our ideas, provided the means to prototype, and added a couple new product development tricks to our toolbag.  Win or Lose, it was a worthwhile experience. 

Final Update:

Flash consulting came in 2nd place in Enterprise 2023! Many thanks to all who participated.  The grant money will go towards further refining Nodefy prototypes, accessibility trade studies, and getting the devices in the hands of those who need them most.